+977-11-620436 Chautara Sindhupalchok 45300, Nepal

Physical Facilities/Assets

Tuki’s main office building is located in the Thumpakhar VDC (8.5 km in Khadichaur – Jiri Highway), Sindhupalchok from where most of the programmatic as well as administrative activities are being conducted. It has a well-furnished training hall with audio-video aids and has capacity to accommodate more than 35 people for lodging with food. In addition, there are two additional rooms with attached bath facilities for lodging proposes. It also offers external parties facilities to conduct training. A co-operative operation under the Tuki is responsible for assisting and managing trainings. In addition, Tuki has 4 project offices in the field level at Chautara, Thulosirubari, Barhabise, Melamchi and Thokarpa.

Tuki owns a total of 12 desktop and 21 laptop computers to execute daily activities. It has presentation equipment such as cameras, audio visuals, an overhead projector, and TV. These equipment are being used for trainings, workshops, and meetings. To protect workers from the interruption of power supply, there is a powerful power backup system.