Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD)

This project is being implemented in partnership with Save the Children in various areas of the Sindhupalchok district.

EQ-LEARN project is a holistic Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) program for children aged 0-5 years living in Nepal’s post-earthquake context. The project pilots a combination of both center-based ECCD and parenting education classes, as safe ECCD centers may not always be available. The project provides training package for facilitators, which incorporates tested approaches, such as Emergent Literacy and Math (ELM) and Healing and Learning through the Arts (HEART), to provide psycho-social support to children and to improve their developmental outcomes. In addition, the project implements its tested Community Education Children and implements it’s tested Community Education Monitoring Information System (CEMIS) approach to identify and address access issues in the community. Lastly, the project includes a robust research component that generates findings on what interventions best serve this population, which serves as an important source of information to advocate for and to maximize the impact of future ECCD programs. The project has aims to provide services to 4800 children between the ages of 0-5 years, 8100 adults, altogether targeting 12900 people and all disabilities under the age of 5.

EQ-LEARN will improve the developmental outcomes of children from birth to five years through holistic ECCD programs that:

(1) Improve availability and accessibility of ECCD services for children 0-5 years

(2) Improve quality of ECCD services to promote children’s holistic development

(3) Increase capacity of parents to support young children’s development at home

(4) Integrate tested, effective ECCD methods into the national ECCD curriculum

In total, the project will reach 12,900 individuals directly; of which 4,800 are children between the ages of 0-5.