Poverty Alleviation Program

Tuki has been implementing this program in partnership with Poverty Alleviation Fund. The goal of this program is to decrease the number of poorest households in operational VDCs. The expected outcome of this program is to establish a revolving fund (Ghumti Kosh) to 930 households for income generation and support 237 households by implementing water supply and sanitation activities in the operational VDCs.

This program covers 3 VDCs namely Gati, Phulpingkatti, Thulopakhar and Ghorthali of Sindhupalchok targeting around a total population of 4000. The major activities carried out in this program are: 1) conduct income generation activities by establishing a revolving fund among the targeted poorest households; 2) support the construction of community infrastructures like water supply projects, irrigation systems, community buildings and small bridges; 3) conduct capacity building to the target population like animal husbandry training and account keeping training for group members.